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PTFE Teflon Heat Sealing Belts

“PTFE TEFLON HEAT SEALING BELTS  are used where heat transfer through the surface of the belt is required in order to seal plastic materials. The machine that uses these types of belts require two belts that run in tandem side by side (Left + Right). In the middle of the belt is a hot plate which heats the belt’s which in turn melts each side of the plastic wrapping film as the product is carried through between the two belts which seals the plastic film used to package the product.



Companies manufacturing packets of biscuits or toilet tissue rolls would normally use these types of belts in order to seal the ends of the packets..


Features / Benefits

The belts track correctly with tracking studs, eyelets or silicone cords inserted in to one edge of the belt that then positioned in to a pre machined groove in the rollers of the machine, this prevents the belts from tracking off and extends the belts life.

Hayssen, Casolli, Doby and Casmatic plastic film sealing machines use these belts.