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PTFE Teflon Sealing Bands / Belts (Form-Fill Sealing)

Vertical or horizontal band sealing machines involves plastic film moving between two endless PTFE (Teflon) sealing bands which are pressed together by heat bars. The heat is transferred through the bands and melts and seals the plastic film. The bands are then pressed together by a chilled bar to withdraw the heat to complete the seal closure.


PTFE Sealing bands are available in the size you require to suit your packaging machine. The seamless endless band provides a uniform thickness giving consistent heat and cooling transfer during the plastic film sealing process.


The sealing of either a pouched shape or tray shaped package is a critical component of the FORM – FILL – SEALING machine.


Product’s packed and sealed in a Vertical the FORM – FILL – SEALING machine’s include such items as Frozen Foods, Pet Foods,Chewing Gum, Powders, Liquids and grains such as rise , which are all packed in a standing position so as to prevent spillage.