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Packing Machines

There is a tremendous range of machines manufactured to pack items varying  in size  from torch  batteries to lounge suites,  bed mattresses and rolls of carpet.


The principal types of machines are :

  • ‘L’ Sealers
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Blister Packers
  • Bag Fillers


Usually manufacturers have their own  preference  as to which grade  of  material   they  use  depending   on  their   particular machine. In  the most  markets , 0.135 mm TCG005AD thick  fabric is used most,  although  0.076 mm TCG003AD,   and,0.250 mm TCG010AD are also used.


Shrink Wrappers

These machines  are usually used  in conjunction  with an  ‘L’  Sealer, and therefore machine manufacturers usually sell a combined system.

Heat shrinkable film is used to package the product by using the ‘L’ Sealer impulsive wire..The wire is protected from the molten film by a PTFE glass cloth tape, which prevents the film from sticking to the wire. The product is sealed and is placed on a PTFE mesh or closed weave conveyor belt and carries it into a Shrink Wrap oven which has a high temperature resistant silicone coated glass curtain to reduce heat loss from the oven section, it is normal to fit silicone rubber glass fabric GORTEF SIL-035 curtains at both ends of the oven to allow the product to move in and out of the heat chamber.


When the package enters the oven the machine applies shrink film tightly around the item being packed. We supply a number of varying styles and sizes of PTFE Mesh conveyor belts used for this type of packaging machine.

The conveyor belt which carries the  package through the oven is manufactured from open mesh PTFE glass fabric style (GORTEF 9002 4x4 PTFE GLASS) with 25 mm edge reinforcing and a Bullnose join.


Blister Packs

Many supermarket products are sold where the product is  presented, with a clear plastic film sealed to a cardboard backer. The packaging machines used for this type of  presentation, usually  rely on a  0.135  mm TCG005AD PTFE  coated glass fibre tape to give good release from the heated portion of the mould.


Bag Fillers

Flat  polymeric film is run over a forming shape to produce a tubular form. This is then sealed continually into a tube into  which the product, that has been automatically weighed, is introduced. A second heat sealing operation then seals the tube into the closed bag.

The formers are covered with strips of 0.135 mm TCG005AD PTFE coated glass fibre tape (5 thou AD) to reduce friction. The heat sealing heads are also covered with PTFE coated glass fibre tape (5 thou AD) .

Lentils, beans, nuts, crisps and confectionery, along with many other materials are packaged in this way.

It  is  important  that  the heat  sealing jaws are maintained in good order, and from experience, a  planned  maintenance  scheduld should be introduced to replace PTFE coated glass fibre tape (5 thou AD) the at regular intervals.

Manufacturer of Plastic Bags

Larger  companies extrude, print and seal enormous numbers of bags. Smaller companies purchase extruded film and simply print and seal.

Many types of machines are on the market, but most of them rely on  PTFE  glass  fabric to give most efficient results. Usually the sealing is effected by the action of a heater bar against a rotating rubber roller covered in PTFE coated glass fibre tape (5 thou AD).

Good maintenance is essential. The stable GORTEF TAPE adhesive system is beneficial when removing used PTFE glass fabric   from the rubber roller. By carefully peeling back the GORTEF tape, it is normally possible to remove it without leaving behind silicone adhesive on the rubber roller. Competitive products have a tendency to leave behind adhesive, thereby adding to the time required for cleaning.

End Users

If plastic films are being used to package product, then PTFE glass fabrics  are  also  being  used. In  some  cases  usage is very small, however,  the  large  manufacturers particularly food processors can have significant usage. The packaging by end users of products such as nuts,spices,tea,meat products,bread,biscuits,confectionery, and sauces also uses our PTFE coated glass fibre products.