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Fast Food Service Restaurant

Gortef FSR Products


GORTEF FSR (Fast Service Restaurant) products bring easy solutions to cooking and handling
problems of the fast food restaurants, while providing products that reduce down time, lower overall
costs and last longer. GORTEF FSR products offer excellent release properties, temperature resistant,
FDA and EU regulations compliance, extremely durable and are resistant to fats and oils.

GORTEF products have been used in major FSR such as MC DONALD’S®, BURGER KING®, ARBY’S® and
SUBWAY® by direct sales or through distributors for a variety of applications such as, release sheets for
clam shell grills, belt wrappers and release sheets in high-speed vertical bun toasting, oven baskets in
toasting sandwiches, release liners for baking cookies, silicone mats for baking breads, bagels and rolls,
and liners for pans, trays, microwaves and ovens.

Recently we developed a new release liner for clam shell grills, silicone belt wrapper and release sheet for
vertical bun toasters.

Clam Shell Grill Sheets: GORTEF CS-13 PTFE cast film laminated fiberglass sheet. One side copper / one sideblack. It performs excellent in clam shell grills compare toconventional PTFE coated products.

Silicone Belt Wrapper: Food grade silicone coated fiberglass specifically use on vertical bun toasters at fast food restaurants.

Release Sheets for vertical bun toasters: 0,08 mm thick food grade black PTFE coated fiberglass fabric.
Product no: 108.08BLACK. In vertical toasters, buns travels with silicone conveyor belt as it slides on PTFE coated release sheet (108.08 BLACK).

Oven Baskets: This is a heavy duty non-stick oven basket which is made out of food grade black PTFE coated fiberglass mesh. It allows the hot oven air warm it up both sides of sandwiches, chicken wings, pizza and others. PTFE coating is non-stick and easy to clean. It can be used in TurboChef, MerryChef, and Amana brand high speed ovens.

Silicone Mats: Non-stick, flexible silicone mat makes for a great surface to prepare dough and pastries. It replaces parchment paper and greasy sprays when used in the oven for baking, and dissipates heat rapidly to prevent burning of cookies or pastries. It is safe for use in conventional ovens up to 220°C.