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Continuous Cooking

PTFE coated solid woven glass belting is widely used within food manufacturing because of its non stick nature. It is ideally used when cooking foods that would have a tendency to stick to hot cooking platens. the  production of oil and fat during the cooking cycle has always created a serious problem  because all coated PTFE glass fabrics are prone to developing micro-cracks. In a short period of time, fat penetrates through the PTFE coating and is soaked up by the glass yarns.


Subsequent reuse of the belt reheats the fat which then begins to carbonise. This leads to the product sticking to the belt surface and rejection. Typically we offer (GRILL PREMIUM RB30 or GRILL STANDARD TCG010R) Crack free for superior performance .

PTFE coated belts are widely used as a conveyor belt where Tortilla, Nan breads and pizza crusts (TORTILLA 238) are pressed from balls of dough into a flat disc shape on the machine. The heat transfer through the belt then cooks the dough whilst being conveyed.



Contact Grilling Machines

Contact    grilling   machines  using (GRILL PREMIUM RB30) or (GRILL STANDARD TCG010R) style  belts  to carry food products over heated platens  and  effect a  continuous  cooking  process. A broad range of products  are  cooked  using  this  process  including a variety of  meats  ( in particular meat balls ), pancakes, fish and eggs. Food like bacon and burgers are also mass cooked and require a belt that can withstand this aggressive environment.


This would normally require a belt with a high PTFE content for good release. Our red PTFE fabric high Performance Series is specifically engineered to maximise conveyor belt life, while minimising downtime in the most demanding belting environments. These fabrics are manufactured from PTFE coated woven fiberglass substrates. GORTEF belts provide an extremely smooth, non-stick surface, excellent release and restivity from oils, grease and chemicals.


Our coating formulation was developed to prevent oils and grease from eating into the belt fabrics. GORTEF fabrics are excellent for use in the most challenging applications, such as food processing belts where there is a high level of grease and oils, or the processing of sticky or gummy materials. GORTEF belts have outperformed and lasted longer than standard competitive products.


GORTEF are supplying a range of PTFE Cast Film Laminated Composites (GRILL PREMIUM RB30) for applications in the food industry requiring superior release properties, excellent dimensional stability, thermal conductivity and flexibility at continuous working temperatures up to +260 °C for contact grill belt and flour tortilla applications.

GORTEF laminated products features multi-layer PTFE cast film laminated (GRILL PREMIUM RB30) on both sides of PTFE / glass fabric, uniform thickness, crack and pinhole free surface.






Many  food  products  are dried or baked on  GORTEF TEFLON COATED GLASS  and  KEVLAR  belts. In many cases open mesh fabrics are  used  to  improve  air  circulation. For  the processing of powdering  type  products,  solid  fabrics  must  be  used.  Products processed   include.

1 Breakfast Cereals
2 Tea
3  Meat Extract
4 Cookies
5 Biscuits
6 Bread/Baguettes
7 Confectionery                     
 Freezing  of   food   products   through   a  freeze   tunnel   using GORTEF   04614   as  a  belt  or  a  liner  over  a  metal  belt.
 Coating of toffee ? GORTEF  04614K
Microwave  Cooking  GORTEF  TEFLON COATED GLASS and   KEVLAR  belts  absorb  very  little microwave energy provided they are  kept  clean.  Several food processors use  GORTEF TCG010 or TCG9003K style  belts  to  convey   product   through   microwave ovens, in many cases  to control water  content  of the final product.

The   ability   of    GORTEF  TEFLON  COATED  GLASS   and KEVLAR  belts  to work with microwave equipment is of big benefit. No other  readily  available  material is compatible  with  microwave and  can  operate  at  temperatures  of  260C.

Drying of all types of food products using radio
frequency (RF) ovens. GORTEF  TEFLON  COATED  GLASS   and   KEVLAR FABRICS   provide  very low  electrical loss performance. KEVLAR typically offers superior performance.