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Non Stick Teflon Baking Sheets & Silcone Baking Mats


  1. Great for any patisserie chef or home baker.
  2. Makes it easy to work with sticky foods such as batter & caramel.
  3. Nothing sticks to our baking sheets and mats so they will save you a lot of cleaning time as there is no more mess sticking to your pans.
  4. No greasing required, again saving time & money.
  5. Use our baking sheets and mats instead of grease proof paper. This saves money and creates less waste for our environment.
  6. Both the baking sheets and mats can be used many times before having to replace them
  7. Can be used at temperatures varying from -40°C to 250°C

A non-stick, reusable mat with a PTFE coating on one side and a Silicone coating on the other. The PTFE coating provides a smooth non-stick surface, whilst the SILICONE backing guarantees the mat stays in place when rolling out pastry, marzipan, etc., The mat will withstand temperatures up to 230°C therefore is suitable to roll pastry, cookies, etc onto; then go straight from the worktop into the oven.